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Flyposting - reporting and removal

The Council is committed to cleaning flyposting from its own property as quickly as possible. Most property in the City is not owned by us so usually we can only try and persuade other people to remove flyposting - we can't force them to do it.

Tell us about the location of any flyposting and we will do our best to get it removed. So that you know what's likely to happen, here is a brief guide:

City Council property
On City Council property, we aim to clean it off within 20 working days.
doc icon Reporting Graffiti [31kb]
Other Public Property
On County Council, University, Exeter College and similar property, we will pass your request to them and encourage them to act as quickly as possible.
doc icon Reporting Graffiti [31kb]
Commercial Private Property
On shops, offices, industrial and transport company property, we will contact the owner asking them to take action.
doc icon Reporting Graffiti [31kb]
Privately Owned Houses
If it's on your property, you have a responsibility to remove the flyposting. We can give you advice on who to contact to have it removed. Costs are quite high, but your house insurance may well cover this cost. We may be able to help you out with a free service, but there is a waiting list.
doc icon Reporting Graffiti, where it is on your property [29kb]
Council Housing and Housing Association property
Please tell us and we will contact your Estate Manager who should arrange for its removal.
doc icon Reporting Graffiti [31kb]
Privately Rented
Please contact your landlord who is responsible for its removal. 
Racist or abusive graffiti
Please contact us immediately. Our aim is to remove all such graffiti, wherever it is, within 48 hours.
doc icon Reporting Graffiti [31kb]
Contacting us
To report your flyposting problem, you can either complete and return one of the forms above, use the Online eForm below or call us.

Online eForm


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