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The Revenue Budget

How the money is spent

Exeter City Council provides a wide range of services to people in the city. The revenue budget covers the cost of running these services.

It is important because the size of the revenue budget directly determines the level of council tax. The following information shows where the budget is spent.

Budgetary spend by year and service
Spend/Income (£m)

Spend (£m)

Income (£m)
Spend (£m)
Spend (£m)
Income (£m)
Spend (£m)
Cultural & Related Services
Museums, heritage & tourism5.2471.7033.5445.0031.5053.498
Sports & Leisure3.9310.5873.3443.9110.8153.096
Environmental Services
Waste collection3.4331.0952.3383.8501.5122.338
Street cleansing1.39701.3971.5000.0421.458
Environmental health2.0240.6631.3611.9540.6371.317
Other Environmental services1.8580.5471.3111.7210.5681.153
Planning and development4.7155.625-0.9104.2125.826-1.614
Highways, Roads and Transport
Parking & public transport3.2036.097-2.8943.1156.573-3.458
Council Housing (HRA)22.28422.284019.83119.8310
Housing Services
Benefits administration and payments40.84739.8850.96242.25241.2750.977
Corporate and democratic services2.5910.4322.1592.2110.3831.828
Central Services to the Public
Council tax collection0.72200.7220.69200.692
Other central services9.8318.5851.2461.6790.5291.150
Other income and spending1.1324.079-2.9472.0943.030-0.936
Total £m108.11094.35313.75799.17585.65313.522

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