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The fox is a member of the dog family with reddish fur with a white tip on the end of the tail.

Fox Fox

Where do they live?

Foxes are mainly active at night but have been seen in the daytime, during the day they tend to lie in in thick cover along railway lines , in parks or in overgrown areas. Foxes have been known to use dens under sheds and sometimes they use floors beneath houses.

How do I know I have a fox in my garden?

There are a few signs to show that there is evidence of foxes these include:-

  • Droppings - Fox droppings have pointed ends and appear twisted, they will also contain undigested food.
  • Hair - This is often left on thorns were foxes pass through hedges. Fox hair is smooth
  • Smell - Foxes give off a characteristic musty scent which often lingers in the air for a few hours
  • Footprints - Similar to dog footprints. Fox prints have 4 toes on both fore and hind feet with claws.

How do I get rid of them? 

Unfortunately Exeter City Council does not offer a pest control service for foxes.

There are a number of things that can be done to prevent a visit from a scavenging fox such as :-

  • Keep all refuse in bins with tight fitting lids ( Avoid leaving bags out )
  • Put out refuse after 6 pm the day before collection  - Please visit our web site for your areas Collection Schedule

Further information

For further advice on dealing with foxes  please refer to the following links:- 


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