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Policies and guidance

The following policies are relevant to listed buildings and will be considered as part of the assessment of any application received for listed building consent, or applications for planning permission affecting a listed building.

Devon Structure Plan 2001 to 2016

Policy CO6: Quality of New Development

"The identity, distinctive character and features of existing settlements, urban and rural areas should be conserved and enhanced. In planning for new development the Local Planning Authority should maintain and improve the quality of Devon's environment by requiring attention to good design and layout that respects the character of the site and its surroundings and by providing for regeneration and conservation, townscape enhancement, traffic management and the retention and provision of open space".

Policy CO7: Historic Settlements and Buildings

"The quality of Devon's historic environment should be conserved and enhanced. In providing for new development particular care should be taken to conserve the special historic character of settlements, the character and appearance of conservation areas, the historic character of the landscape, listed or other buildings of historic or architectural interest and their settings and parks and gardens of special historic interest and their settings".

Additional information and guidance is available at Devon Structure Plan.

Exeter Local Plan First Review 1995 to 2011

Policy C2: Listed Buildings

"Development (including changes of use, alterations and extensions) which affects a listed building must have special regard to the desirability of preserving the building or its setting, or any features of special architectural or historic interest which it possesses".

Policy C3: Locally Listed Buildings

"Development (including changes of use, alterations and extensions) which affects a building of local importance, as identified in schedule 5, will not be permitted where it harms the architectural or historic value of the building".

Additional information and guidance is available at Exeter Local Plan.

Central government guidance

PPS5: Planning for the Historic Environment


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